Booking platform
for restaurants RESTAURICO

About the product

The booking platform RESTAURICO is an authorial solution created by TITUTO Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.], which is dedicated to modern restaurants. It is based on the mobile application marked with a name and a logo of a restaurant or a group of places, with the design adjusted to the visual identity. The content is presented in a few languages, using the attractive and multimedia form.

The system makes it possible to book a table at given hour with the possiblity of cancellation and instant confirmation. The service can easily manage availability of tables using a web browser.

Within the mobile app, it is possible to present dishes grouped into carts and categories. A user can easily order dishes, as well as select the delivery options, such as to a given address or to a particular table in the restaurant. The process of reservation is integrated with the on-line payments.

RESTAURICO is equipped with the module that allows contacting with the Guests, such as using automatic e-mail remainders about the coming date of reservation, as well as to thank for the visit. The restarant can also send messages to a given group of Guests to inform them about special offers or organized events.

Basic information

Mobile application for Guests

Web application for service

Set of configurable modules

Booking tables in the restaurant

Ordering dishes with on-line payment

Contact with Guests

Rich features


The mobile application is marked with the name and logo of a restaurant or a group, as well as with the design adjusted to its visual identity. With the app, Guests can be informed about news using notifications sent directly to the device. What is more, content can be available in a few languages.


The solution is available for a restaurant or a group of them. It allows booking a table in the given date and hour for the specified number of Guests, together with the possiblity of cancellation and instant confirmation of reservation. Availability of tables can be easily managed via a web browser.


Within the application, it is possible to present dishes, grouped into menus and categories, in the attractive way. It is also possible to place order for dishes with the possiblity to choose the delivery location, such as for the given address or to the particular table in the restaurant. The system is integrated with the convenient on-line payments, as well as allows informing about the status of the order.


The system supports automatic e-mail notifications, e.g., about coming reservation date and to thank for the visit in the restaurant. It is also possible to send messages to a particular group of Guests to inform them about special offers and events organized in the restaurant.

Deployed for a group of luxury restaurants

The platform has been already deployed for three luxurious restaurants in Cracow, namely Pijarska 17, Gródek, and Kościuszko.

All these restaurants use one mobile application, titled Donimirski Restaurants in Krakow, adjusted visually to the whole group.

The restaurant service can easily manage the system using the user-friendly application available via a web browser.