Mobile hotel
assistant ROOMPHE

About the product

ROOMPHE uses smartphones and tablets of Guests to present the offer of the hotel and supporting objects in the attractive way. The main part of the solution is the mobile application that is marked with a name and a logo of the hotel or the group, with design adjusted to the visual identity. The product allows Guests to access the broad range of services offered by the hotel, such as by a reception, a restaurant, and a SPA.

With the usage of the app, the Guest can easily order room service, book a table in a restaurant, order a taxi, waking up, laundry, or ironing, book an activity in a SPA, as well as sign up for an event organized in the hotel. ROOMPHE is also equipped with the conference module. The application presents a set of notes useful during the stay, including a list of interesting places in the vicinity. It is worth mentioning that the app is available in a few languages to simplify stay at the hotel for foreign Guest. The system includes also the special version of content dedicated to kids, which depicts information about the hotel and the vicinity in the cartoon-based format.

The ROOMPHE solution introduces a new channel of sales, marketing, and communication with Guests. The hotel can easily send messages to its current or former Guests to inform about the current offers, invite for the next stay at the hotel, or thank for the visit. What is more, the system allows gathering opinions of Guests by filling surveys. The Guests can also easily find contact data of the hotel, as well as open profiles of the hotel in social media.

What is important, we are currently cooperating with three groups of hotels, namely Polish Prestige Hotels, Donimirski Boutique Hotels, and Hotele Plus. Our solution has been already deployed in more than 25 places.

Basic information

Mobile application for Guests

Web application for service

Set of configurable modules

Offer of hotel, restaurant, and SPA

Sales of hotel services and others

Mobile support for conferences

Rich features


The mobile application presents information about the hotel and vicinity, as well as contact data and profiles in social media. It can be equipped with a set of multimedia notes with various information useful for Guests, as well as the special version for kids. What is more, it is possible to search for interesting places in the vicinity together with launching navigation to the target.


The app makes it possible to browse through the photo-enhanced menu of a restaurant, to order room service, as well as book a table. In a similar way, the hotel can promote SPA activities together with proposing its date. A Guest can also order paid and free reception services, including waking up and laundry, browse special offers, as well as sign up for an event organized in the hotel.


The mobile hotel assistant introduces a new channel of communication with Guests, even after check-out. The service of the hotel can send multimedia messages to devices of Guests, as well as gather opinions from surveys filled by Guests. What is more, it is also possible to report issues using a smartphone or a tablet.


The platform is equipped with the built-in conference system. It supports presentation of the description of the conference together with a photo gallery, contact data to organizers, as well as the electronic agenda of the event. What is more, the content can be provided directly by the organizers, while access to the conference is possible using QR codes.

Deployed many times

The platform has been deployed many times. We are cooperating with three groups of hotels, i.e., Polish Prestige Hotels, Donimirski Boutique Hotels, and Hotele Plus. Our solution has been already deployed in more than 25 places.

The list of hotels with the deployed mobile application includes, e.g., Hotel Gródek***** (Kraków), Hotel Krasicki**** (Lidzbark Warmiński), Haston City Hotel**** (Wrocław), and Hotel Amadeus**** (Kraków).

Honorable mention in the contest for the best offer of 9th International Hotel Facilities Equipment Trade Fair WorldHotel 2016 in the category "New technologies in the hotel management".